Ignition Gateway - Logs - Time

Hello everyone,

We have noticed in our gateways something regarding logs and we will like to understand if this is the expected comportment.

We are located in Romania, and the Gateway is hosted in Spain.
We can see that is a difference what is displayed in logs at Column time and what is generated by system.date.now().

Until now we thought that column Time is representing the local time zone when the script was executed and that created a little bit of confusion looking in logs.


Let me know your thoughts…


When you convert the date to string in the log message you are capturing it as the gateway sees it in its timezone.

When you view the log message in the gateway, you just see the string value you captured, but the timestamp on the log entry itself is being displayed in your timezone (1 hour ahead of gateway).

understood, thank you, is there a configuration that can be set to display the log entry timestamp based on time zone?

No that’s always going to be converted to the timezone of the user/browser viewing it I think.