Ignition Gateway Memory

Hello all,
Looking for some guidance on a recent memory issue with my Primary Gateway. See photos. any ideas where to start looking to troubleshoot this? My gateway is going bonkers at the moment because of the 100% memory use. Using Ignition 8.1, Vision.

CPU and memory allocation should be determined by the engineers creating the Ignition projects. The suggested requirements are a dual-core processor with 4GB of RAM and 10GB of available storage space.

It looks like you've only got 2GB of RAM.

Tip: crop the screengrabs. Yours are >60% black space.

Everything was fine until about 7pm, when the memory usage went up to 100% for some reason.

Ok, what else was happening at that time? Have you looked at your wrapper log in the suspicious time frame?

See the screen shots below, at 7:01PM last night it started, preceeding that time there are numerous "ClockDriftDetector" Warnings.

Then after 10:00PM everything went back to normal, even the memory allocation went way down.

I still plan on increasing the memory allocation, however I still want to know what the heck happened.

Redundancy synchronization problems, looks like. You probably need support to look closer. Also, if you grab a gateway backup, how big is it? (That is approximately the amount of memory needed on the primary to perform a "full" synchronization.) If a full resync is requested when there's not enough free memory, you get a pathological repeating resync loop.

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A gateway backup is about 16mb, (so approx 16GB memory allocation?). Thank you, I will get a ticket started.

No, 16mb is reasonable. I've seen hundreds of megabytes when a gateway has had many upgrades and many project revisions and many tag or project import/exports. Newer Ignition is supposed to clean up behind itself better, so I haven't seen this in a while.

We had a customer site exhibiting this and the backup gateway wasn't syncing. Got them talking and the memory, cpu usage, designer behaviour etc... all went back to normal.

I'd get the backup syncing first.

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