Ignition Gateway Network common name not Updated after change Gateway name


I have 2 Ignition Gateways running, let’s say Server1 and Server2. I have successfully established gateway network communication between server 1(outgoing) and server 2(incoming).

Due to some reason, I have to update the gateway name of Server1 to be Server3, delete the gateway network on Server3, and delete the gateway network remote certificate and Id in server 2. Once all is done, I add back the gateway network connection in server 3 and approve the connection on server 2. But in server 2, is still showing Server1:8060 connected, which is expected to be Server3:8060

The name comes from the Configuration setting:
Gateway Settings / System Name
Not from the OS Server Name

Hi Martinel,

Yes, i did update Gateway System Name as well

Can you let us know what versions you’re using across all of your gateways?

i am using v8.1.7

I’ve tried to reproduce this, and I’m seeing the expected behavior. It is true that on server 2 you’d still see the old connection from server 1 in the status page (after performing the name change):

You’ll also probably notice that the connection from server 3 still has the same certificate.

The gateway network certificate is stored as webserver/metro-keystore. If you stop a gateway and remove that file, a new certificate will be generated (which uses the [now renamed] system hostname for the CN).

All of that said, you should be able to rename the Gateway System Name without modifying the gateway network configuration.

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