Ignition Gateway Network Remote Tag Provider Issues

Hi All,

I am currently encountering a quite peculiar problem with Ignition 7.9.14 gateway network.
In this particular scenario, I have a server that has numerous outgoing connection to to other servers and the aim is to use the remote tag provider on the main one which hosts the projects.
Recently, at times and out of the blue the remote tag provider is not retrieving the tags, and to resolve the issue I need to reset the gateway connection between the main server and the outgoing one. When I try to open the remote tag provider form the designer I get an error saying it is null, after the reset they re-apper.
The weird thing is that the connection does not show as faulted.

Is there any suggestion?


My suggestion would be to upgrade to the latest 7.9 stable (7.9.16). Probably not the answer you wanted but might do wonders.