Ignition Gateway Startup

Is there a way to see when Ignition is up and running and it is ok to open a project? I am trying to open a project at startup (on the gateway pc), but the gateway is not ready yet. I wrote an application to launch the project only after I saw the Ignition service is running, but this does not work. The service is running, but I get a web page window that says the “Context state is: STARTING.” I get this message until the Ignition Gateway Control Utility shows “Gateway is running.” “Web Server is started” seems to correlate with the Ignition service.

Yeah, the Ignition service actually starts a Tomcat server, but Ignition is a web app that takes some time to load within the web server. To alleviate situations like this, we are currently building a new feature in Ignition that will actually wait for a Gateway to become available and then launch a project that you specify. It will be a native executable so you can actually set up a service to run it upon startup.

In the mean time, here is something similar to avoid the problem, submitted by a 3rd party: Ignition project launcher

To more directly answer your question, though, the GCU gets its information by checking “http://localhost:8088/main/StatusPing

That will return a very simple JSON string, like [tt]{“state”:“RUNNING”}[/tt]


Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

I’m interested by this features to auto start a project.
what is the release you targeted for this feature and the approximative release date ?

I think the native client launchers will be released in a month or so…

Nice :smiley: