Ignition Gateway Version 8.1.20

Can anyone out there explain what may cause this???...
My Development VMware Gateway:
=Version: 8.1.20
My Clients Production Backup made two days ago at clients site...
=Version: 8.1.20
When trying to overwrite my development copy back at the office I get the following...
Validation Error: The selected backup is from a future version and cannot be restored in this version of the Ignition Gateway.
I looked at the date time of my development virtual machine and dont see there is a fake test date there.... What could this be? Thank you for reading this post

If you make a copy of your GWBK and rename with .zip extension, you should be able to unzip it and inspect the contents of the backupinfo.xml file that is included. That should give you more details on the specifics of the backup that was taken.

It will look something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<timestamp>2022-12-16 16:08:29</timestamp>

Also, if you're on macOS/Linux, you can output this directly with the following in the terminal:

unzip -cq /path/to/gateway.gwbk backupinfo.xml

You can open the gwbk directly as well in a zip program like 7zip

Linux generally doesn't give a rip what file extension is present, on anything. It looks into the file to determine what it is, and acts accordingly. I click on a gateway backup and it opens in Ark, like any other compressed file.