Ignition gateway web page donot access

I have ignition installed in a workstation (ip:, I can access successfully to the ignition gateway web page locally through the link http://localhost: 8088/main/web/home?0 (figure.- 1)

When going to another pc to launch my project in the browser I put the address of the workstation where I have installed the ignition and does not send me to the ignition gateway. (Figure.- 2), error message: (Timeout has run out The server at is taking a long time to respond. The site could be temporarily out of service or very busy. Try again in a moment. If you can not load any page, check your computer’s network connection. If the network or your computer is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox can access the internet.)

Return to the computer where I have installed the ignition (ip: and in the browser I put the address simulating as i trying to access from another PC of the network and work the ignition gateway web page. (figure.- 3)

Assuming the other computer is on the same network and can reach the one you installed Ignition on, you probably have a firewall blocking access.


yes, both pc are part of the same network, i have a remote connection raight now since the pc to the workstation

Kevin you are right was the firewall, thanks