Ignition Gateway with docker connect to Kepware

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Ignition Dockers. I have setup two Ignition Gateways within a docker container. I have tried connecting the Ignition Gateways via OPC-UA to Kepware on my laptop in order to setup a testing environment. However, I am not able to connect as I receive the below error.

UaException: status=Bad_ConnectionRejected, message=io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: /

I have tried changing my OPC UA server settings and the bind address to I have the trust certificates in both Kepware and the the Ignition Gateway enabled. I opened the Windows firewall port 49320 on my laptop for Kepware.

How can I connect to Kepware via OPC UA using a Ignition Gateway from a docker container?

Thank you for your help everyone,

You shouldn’t need to adjust the bind address for the OPC-UA Server within Ignition to make the outbound connections to KEPServerEx. For the endpoint URL, I’d use host.docker.internal (more info in the Docker Docs here, specifically the section: I want to connect from a container to a service on the host) to resolve to your host system. It looks like is actually the IP address of your Ignition Gateway container, not the IP address of your host system.

Thank you Kevin,

This did the trick and this was very helpful info!