Ignition Gold Certificate

Hi guys,

I just finished the Core Certification Test, i been having some difficulty to acheive gold certification test which require more extra knowledge that cant be acheived by learning from the videos of inductive university. Since I never fully done the projects using ignition apart from designing the user interface.
May i know the difficulty and hardest part in gold certification test? If so, is there anyway or relevant projects i can refer or play with to understand more ? If so where can i find it?

I think is not allowed to give much detail about Ignition test questions.
In my opinion, IU videos is not enough for the test, you should actually deal with a couple projects to earn some experience.
Regards a reference project, I don’t have knowledge of any apart demo project Extra Ignition Materials | Inductive Automation.

I would study from it and try to replicate by your own. You also need to have some knowledge with SQL and solid scripting aptitudes.


Thank you! Appreciate for the reply!