Ignition Hipchat Group Shutdown, But Coming Back

Last week the public Ignition software Hipchat chat room was shutdown by Hipchat due to spam that suddenly came in.

I believe the spam happened because the invitation URL to the chat room was public on this blog post: perfectabstractions.com/blog … r-ignition

I made a new public Hipchat group called Ignitionchat. So all the old members and new members can signup for the new chat group. I am no longer making the invitation URL public so we don’t get the spam problem again.

If you are an old member or want to join you can send me a quick email (nick@perfectabstractions.com) and I will email you back the invitation URL so you can join.

The public Ignition chat group is for general talk about Ignition related things. You can also get a limited amount of Ignition related free support from myself and others. Carl, Colby and Kevin from IA have even popped into the chat room a few times to answer a question here or there. All Ignition people are welcome.

I recently talked with people at Hipchat who approve our use of Hipchat to host our public group chat about Ignition. They are helping me setup the new Ignition chat group by sending me all the email addresses of the old members that I lost when the old chat group was shutdown. When I get the list of email addresses (which could be in a few days or longer) I plan to email the old members to invite them to the new group. But you can rejoin now by sending me an email asking to join the new group.