Ignition Historian (postgres) strange bahave

Hello Everyone!

I’m using Ignition (Postgresql), for data historian propose!

  1. In this image you guys can see how I configured the tag:
  2. Follow the tag overview:
  3. Postgres Table

As you guys can see, i have On Change Sample mode, but ignition save the same data many times, even when i got no change on the string value!

Could you guys support me with that issue??

Thanks in advance

@ignition Could Someone support me with this problem?


It looks like you possibly have an issue with the tag quality (dataintegrity column) changing which will trigger a historical write. Since you have 10 seconds minimum between samples it is impossible to say for sure. But my guess is somewhere in the 10 seconds after the previous write, the tag quality changes to something other than 192 (aka “Good”) but doesn’t write to the DB due to your minimum time between samples. Then at some point after it has surpassed the 10 second minimum, the quality changes again but triggers a write to the DB this time.

You could probably get a better picture of what is happening with that tag if you reduce the minimum time between samples to 0 and see what values you get.

Edit: It could also be the value changing and not writing to the DB if it’s within that 10 second minimum between samples.