Ignition Historian Vs Transaction Group

Hi Guys,

I need to log about 500 datapoints for each machines over 3 production lines. This gives me a total of 39 machines x 500 datapoints at fixed 15 minutes intervall. These datapoints will need to be compared with corresponding Setpoints (HH, H, L, LL) stored into a SQL Database.

I was trying to use Ignition Historian to log these datapoints but it’s hard to retrieve logged data from historian to the right format to be able to compare it efficiently to septoints into SQL table. Also data interpolation gives me some nightmares.

Would you suggest me to use transaction group to log data points into SQL table which will make it easier to access data to compare it ?

Is there any limitation with transaction group ? Because I’m a bit afraid about logging a bunch of 20k points at the same 15 minutes intervals into SQL.

Please give me your suggest on that

Yes. That said, how much of the 500 points are repetitive data (i.e. are the setpoints part of the 500?) If so, then those can be stored in a separate table and only insert when they change.