Ignition Holy Cr*p

Wow are you kidding, Free OPC-UA. The site looks AMAZING. Might be the caffeine talking but wow, Ive been involved in the development build the whole damn time and I didnt expect this. Just want to say you guys never cease to surprise me and let you guys know this launch is going to be EPIC!!!

Yeah, we’re pretty excited!!

I agree with Kyle. The addition of an OPC server removes many potential questions in an FPMI installation.

Great work, IA !!

I’ll join the bandwagon of being thoroughly impressed. The only problem is convincing others to use it. Fear of new products, not wanting to be the guinea pigs, etc, etc.

Thanks for the positive feedback guys - we appreciate it!

As far as the whole “new product” thing goes, we understand this can be a challenge. Try to use the whole “new name, proven technology” angle, and contact your sales rep to get some great sales materials (folders, tri-folds, sell-sheets, case-studies, etc)