Ignition IDP Authentication Method

Using Ignition 8.1.2

I would like to secure access to the gateway and to the designer with a Yubikey or something similar. The badge concept should be easily extended to talk to the key thus eliminating the need for an external IPD for small applications.

BTW, I already do this for ssh access to AWS servers by using the openPGP capability built into Yubikey 5. Is this possible on Ignition or is it a feature request?

Ignition does not yet offer first-class support for Yubikey-based authentication. We’ve discussed adding stronger authentication methods to the built-in IdP, including FIDO-based authenticators (such as Yubikeys) and TOTP (such as Google or Microsoft authenticator app), and these technologies would fit in nicely into Ignition’s internal IdP architecture, but this has not yet been prioritized high enough to start designing. If you do not see this idea in the ideas portal already, I’d go ahead and create it

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idea submitted

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