Ignition idP Force Auth Behaviour


I curious if what I’m experiencing with system.perspective.login(forceAuth=True) with the Ignition idP is expected behaviour or a bug.

If userX is logged in, and userY clicks a login button, the button fires system.perspective.login(forceAuth=True) and presents the Ignition idP login page.

If userY logs in successfully, userY is now logged in. All good.

If userY cancels, then the session remains logged in as userX. I would expect the session to be now logged out. If userX was asked to reauthenticate and couldn’t, userX should be logged.

Maybe I’m misinterpreting the expected behaviour. Please shed some light.

8.1.10 if that is relevant.


That is expected behavior. If you want to log the current user out, you’d need to invoke the logout script or action to do that.


The onus is on the currently logged on user to log out when he is done anyway.