Ignition images: http://localhost/imagename

I have a ton of images that i use with ignition, setting the file path appears to be using my PC to utilize.

I installed a webserver on the ignition server and would effectively like to use it as an image repository that is not accessible from the internet.

Is there a way to set the filepath on images to http://localhost/, simliar to builtin.

If there wasn’t 1000s of images, I’d use the builtin feature.

Yes, if I understand you correctly you can place your images or folder of images inside the install directory of the gateway inside of <install_directory>/webserver/webapps/main and after a gateway restart they are hosted at http://localhost:8088/<path_to_image> and don’t forget to include the image extension in the path (ie. the .jpg, .png, etc)

Placing files in that path does allow my webbrowser to access the filename.jpg, but localhost won’t work from within ignition, i still need to define an external IP

Can you give me an example? Are you using this on an image component on Vision or Perspective? Also, when you have a session/client opened are they on the same system as the gateway since that’s the only time localhost should work?