Ignition in spanish (or other languages)

I need to change the language of Ignition. At least the parts of the runtime that I can not change from the designer (menu, warning’s box, error’s box, login screen, about windows, charts menues, etc.) and the home of the Gateway website.

I know that in the forum are some mention about this subject and i18n here, here, here and here, and even a screenshot from a utility that seem to make this work here, but do not know where download.

Someone could tell me if this utility exists, if it meets the functionality I require or if this functionality will be implemented in some way in the future or are missing something that actually can do it now.


I realize that the “utility” it’s seems to be a Ignition project called I18N_Software.

Where to download it?


Sorry, I just saw this post. You should now see a sub-forum called “localization” that has more details. You don’t download, instead, you access it to contribute to the translations. There are more details in the “Localization Guide” that you can access through the project.

Ignition 7.7 will have expanded support for localized projects.


Thanks. I will take a look.