Ignition installation in Linux cent os 7

Iam facing problem of launch designer.
Project is not getting launched.
Ignition designer also not getting open.
For Designer 7.8.9
Which java version is needed.
I want to know the root cause for
Not able to launch project.

Are you still trying to use Java WebStart? That’s been taken out of most OpenJDK 8 deployments, since it is gone completely in current Java. If so, switch to the linux Local Client Launcher.

If a certificate problem, you might have to upgrade Ignition. Also, version 7.8.9 doesn’t exist. 7.8.5 was the last of the (now unsupported) v7.8.x series. What version are you really using?

Thank you so much for your valuable time and responding quickly.
Can I have your contact number
So we can discuss problems of ignition, which we were facing. We need root cause.
We are new to ignition platform.
We are using v7.9.8
I have two questions
How to open ignition designer?and
How to launch project? In Linux(centos 7)
Is it necessary to install java.
If yes Which version to be installed
In Linux its command based
Difficult to fix java installation error.
It’s not user friendly as compared to windows.

In 7.9.8, you will need to install java. If your linux OS doesn’t have a GUI, you are probably going to want to use a secondary machine to do your design work.

If you are new to the platform though, I would start with Inductive University. Its a free resource that has videos to walk you through installing and configuring on many OSs as well as how to start off.

Send me your email address in a Private Message and we can establish a formal client relationship. Note: I don’t provide general assistance in private for free.

For both of your technical questions: Install Java 8. I’m not a CentOS expert, but there should be a package for openjdk-8 or similar. Then download the Linux Native Client Launcher from your gateway. Make it executable, then run it. Follow these instructions from there:


Thank you so much.

Thank you.
I will try with below link to fix problem.