Ignition Installation issues in Wrapper file

Hey when i am installing the ignition through file i get the download done but when it redirect to web page it says local refused to connect. SO when i check the wrapper file it some below error

STATUS | wrapperm | 2020/12/04 16:41:17 | The Ignition Service is not installed.
ERROR | wrapperm | 2020/12/04 16:41:33 | The Ignition service is not installed - The specified service does not exist as an installed service. (0x424)

Dont know from where to start.
Thanks in advance

Did you run the installer as an administrator?

No but as per your suggestion i have done that but still when i go to webpage i see message as localhost refused to connect. As i am using my mobile hotspot for internet connection with my laptop so is there any issue with port.
can u suggest something.