Ignition Invisible Tray Icons

v7.9.18 using vision, java version 1.8.0_211-b12

It was reported to me 3 times today that the windows icon tray fills with icons labeled “Ignition” with no image. It makes the icon tray basically unusable when they accumulate and eventually fill the screen.
Closing the client clears the icon tray of these but they gradually grow over time when the client is open.

The idle CPU usage of Ignition in task manager is very low, single digit percentage.

This image shows the icon tray. I have not counted but it looks like well over 100 invisible icons, all labeled “Ignition”.

Are there any known causes/solutions to this bug?

Hi Troy,

Is this showing up on the computer where Ignition is hosted/installed? Or is this showing on remote computers? Are you able to interact with it by right-clicking? It would be great if you can provide screenshots when you right-click on the empty icon.


It’s not happening on the gateway, which is running Win 8 server. It only happens on the clients (Windows 10), when they have the vision client open.
Neither left click nor right click do anything.

Hi Troy,

Does the Client have some type of Ignition Service running? For example, Dell Secureworks Ignition. Usually, our Ignition service, Client Launchers, Vision Clients, etc. does not populate in the Windows items tray even if its running.


I don’t see anything in task manager that would suggest another program named Ignition is running. Plus, the icons start appearing when the client is opened and they all disappear when it’s closed.

Editing to clarify that they do not show in the tray icon immediately after opening a vision client, it takes a few minutes. They do not populate at all if the client is not running.

Hey Troy,

At this point, it would be best to troubleshoot this issue with one of our Software Support Engineers so they can further assist you. Here is a link to our Support Page. Additionally, refer this forum on your ticket upon creation.