Ignition is continously accessing user database

I’m using AD/Database Hybrid Authentication in Ignition 8. There is also an Indentity Provider using that Usersource.
The database access log shows that Ignition is continously reading the ‘User’s Roles Query’. There is about one query per second, cycling through all user names and then starting again.
Has anybody an idea what causes that queries? I have enabled all possible loggers without success. Our IT department wants this query flooding to stop or at least an explanation why it is happening.

Seems like this query is run often… during badge or username/pass authentication, user creation, getting a user or users from scripting…

How many users do you have, and is it obviously cycling through in a linear fashion? @Kevin.Herron suggests that the query will be executed a lot due to the mechanics of Ignition, but I would expect a more random pattern if that was the case. And is it cycling through users that are not logged in?

Are you calling system.user.getRoles - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation or any other system.user.* scripts in a timer script?

What is your Cache Validation Timeout set to on the AD / DB Hybrid user source profile’s config settings?

Thank you for all the input. The queries seem to be caused by the 60 second Cache Validation Timeout For an unknown reason, each query takes about 2 seconds to complete, so a single validation cycle takes longer than 60 seconds.
IT is now investigating the MySql server to find out why this simple query takes so long.