Ignition Keyboard and the Web Browser

I am using Ignition 8.0.6 with Web Browser 4.0.6. We are using touch screen PC’s. We have developed a simple screen to access our Share Point site. We are finding that after entering text on some fields, it shows up but does not really enter the data into the form. We then have to pull up the onboard keypad to get the data to enter into the field. Is there a work around for this or is there a problem with the Ignition keyboard?

We made changes to the web browser module’s keyboard support in later versions. I would try a newer version of Ignition on a test system and see if the issue has been resolved.

Can you tell me what version of 8.0 that would have the update? Or would that be a Web Browser Module update?

It looks like some fixes went into 8.1.6 and these changes were not back-ported to an 8.0 version.

Thank you for the information. Is there a place that I can look for the changes that were included in the Web Browser?

The release notes for 8.1.7 specifically call out touchscreen mode in Vision and the web browser component. I’m not sure what else you might be looking for.

Thank you. I will browse the notes…