Ignition License and difference between Ignition Vision Launcher and Ignition Perspective?

good morning, let me ask you what is the difference between Ignition Vision Launcher and Ignition Perspective ?

and the second question is, In what we could use the license of Ignition ?

Vision and Perspective are fundamentally different technologies.

  • Vision runs in the client machine using native Java Swing technology. The Vision Client Launcher is the locally installed tool that synchronizes the local machine with the target gateway's current version to start up the client correctly.

  • Perspective runs in a browser--either a normal browser for the client machine (as long as it is new enough to support the required HTML5 features), or the Perspective Mobile application (iOS and Android) for some mobile features, or the Perspective Workstation application (which wraps a Chromium browser) for some mobile-like features.

An Ignition license is modular. Vision and Perspective are licensed modules. They can be purchased together, or only one of them, or, for some setups, neither of them.

There are many topics on this forum discussing the various advantages and disadvantages of these two technologies in various situations.

(I recommend ordinary medium- to large-facility deployments purchase both.)