Ignition License query

Hi guys,

I’ve got a slight confusion around the ignition licensing.
We’ve purchased licensing for a specific product that uses ignition as the software for the SCADA system. The servers for this are on site to which we connect to them remotely.

I understand that the amazing thing about license with ignition is that you only need to purchase the 1 to reap the benefits of the modules and use the 1 account for different projects.

My query is that, we purchased that license to be used with 1 client. However, we are now looking into using ignition for with other clients. Ofcourse it’ll be similar design using the same modules etc. In this case, would we need to purchase a completely new license to be given to each new client?
Or is this where I should have thought of it all in more advance where I purchase the 1 license, keep the main server in our local office. to which all the different client projects are stored in and the client-based PC’s are the ones to connect remotely to us and to only have access to their own projects?

Apologies if this question is a bit silly. Or if the answer is dependant on how our own company operates in terms of licensing etc. However, because we are treating it as a R&D project at the moment there is no explicit way it should be done. So in this case, what is the advisory way to deal licensing to different clients?

Thank you

It is generally 1 license per customer. In fact, the IA license terms prohibit you from loading e.g. 10 separate customers onto one central server. Contact your sales exec.

That’s great thank you!