Ignition license reverts to trial mode

I have an Ignition 7.3 server running for approximately 10 days, licensed with “The Works”. Last night at almost exactly midnight all of the licenses reverted to “trial” mode. Viewing the licenses on the Gateway showed “No license installed”. I had to go through the license activation procedure via the Inductive Automation servers again. Is this a known bug? Obviously this is not a desirable feature even if it only happens periodically.

That should not happen. Is Ignition installed on a VM? Can you send the wrapper.log to us?

This Installation is on a physical machine. I am attaching the Gateway log file and wrapper.log file. The gateway log file has an entry at 12:00:54 AM that states “Licensing state changed. LicenseState[ACTIVATED] → LicenseState[TRIAL, expired=true]”. Then at 12:49:25, when I reinstated the license (using the activation file method), there is an entry that states " Licensing state changed. LicenseState[TRIAL, expired=false] → LicenseState[ACTIVATED]". The oldest wrapper.log file taht I could find did not go back far enough to this time.
gateway_wrapper_logs.zip (4.25 MB)

Ok, I see. It looks like you had a trial license of our software. If you used the cd-key again you probably are in a seven day trial. Take a look at the license page of the Ignition Gateway configuration page. If it is in trial you should contact your sales rep here to take care of it.

I have attached screenshots of the license configuration and installed modules. Does this identify what may be causing this issue? It looks like all required modules are properly activated (not trial). The mobile modules and OPC com module are installed but not currently used. They are running in trial mode, but their timeout does not impact the installation as they are not used. Do they bring the status of the entire gateway to a trial mode after seven days? Should I simply remove these modules to prevent this from happening?

If the OPCCom and Mobile modules aren’t licensed, then the trial timer is in effect. All the licensed items will still work, just those two will not. Removing them will also remove the trial timer.

Hope this helps!

Well, you don’t have a trial license. The only way for Ignition to lose its license is if the hardware changes. Let us know if it happens again. You are activated right now and should be fine.

hi guys any one can help i installed ignition license in my computer opportunity the computer is not working anymore and how to transfer the license to other pc

For that one, you’ll need to contact support They can help you reset the license.

If you use it on a new computer before contacting support, it will revert to a seven-day run. Hopefully, that should give you enough time to sort things out.