Ignition License Transfer

I’m trying to transfer an ignition license to a new server. The old server has no internet access, so I created an unactivation text file and successfully did the unactivation.
On the new server (with internet), I did go to licensing on the gateway, entered my CD-Key and now I need a license.ipl file.

I can not figure out how to download the activation request file from the Ignition Gateway.
The gateway is now running in emergency license mode.



I think the problem is that the new server has an internet connection that I can not turn off (Customers production main server), while the old server had no internet connection.

From what I found in this forum, a server with internet connection does not offer to create an activation request file.

Does anyone know a work-around for this?


If your un-activation was successful, then the CD-key was released for an activation on another gateway. On a gateway that has Internet connection, you should be able to do a standard online activation (just enter the CD-key and click “Activate”). If you are running in the 7-day Emergency mode, this most likely means that the “Activate” button got clicked twice. Please call Tech Support at (800) 266-7798 Monday - Friday 6 am to 8 pm PDT so we can help you correct this.