Ignition License


When the HMI PC fails, and if its not possible to recover the licenses, (transfer license option)
what shall we do>???

can you advise me…


Shaik Abdulla

I had my server blow up once, I called support and they helped me get up and running very quickly.

Good to hear that!!!
but I stay in middle east, the timings, the working days differ from US

Well, they do have an emergency support line which is 24x7.
http://www.inductiveautomation.com/support/policy Down at the bottom of the Telephone Support section.

I would give them a call around now-ish and see how that would work given your primary timezone. Or possibly contact your sales rep directly if you have one already?

There are a few options- I recommend getting ahold of your account representative to discuss them. Hardware activation keys are a good option, but like I said, call in and perhaps we can set up something else, given the time difference.