Ignition Licensing Question - Customer is out of Support - What version can they upgrade to?

We have a customer who is currently running an v8.1.4 Gateway.

They have let their Ignition support subscription lapse on 14th Dec 2021, and they say they don’t have the funds to get back into support at this time.

They are having a few weird issues and I’d like to upgrade them to the latest version that they are entitled to in case it resolves any of the issues.

My question is: What version of Ignition could I upgrade them to?

I thought I had been advised previously that they could update to any version with matching minor version number i.e. 8.1.xx, but I cannot find any doc to confirm that.

Looking at the release dates on the downloads page, I can see that v8.1.12 was released on 18th Nov 2021, so I would assume / hope that at minimum we could upgrade them to that.

If anyone can confirm what the policy is and / or point me to the doc that discusses it, that would be greatly appreciated.

I definitely don’t want to upgrade and then find that the license doesn’t work.


I’m fairly certain you are correct. As long as they stay on an 8.1.x version their license should be fine.

You can keep upgrading within the v8.1.x series for several years to come. That is why it is called a Long Term Support version.

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Yes, the minor version, where a.b.c and c is the minor, is always free.

To go to 8.2 or 8.3 in a few years will cost you 65% of your total license cost as your support has lapsed.

Thanks heaps for all your replies - really appreciate them all - tried to mark all as solution but there can be only one

I also just found this page here which I think very very clearly spells out a lot of things: Support Policy | Inductive Automation

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