Ignition Linux - ControlLogix Connection via port 44818

Hi all,
This is a first Ignition system running on RHEL Linux server. We just had firewalls opened to connect to ControlLogix, I can ping and telnet to the device via the Linux console but when enabling the device it does not connect. Is there an internal firewall setting that needs to be open in order to Ignition to talk out a port?

Below images shows good connection (ping and port) but when I enabled the device it doesn't connect.

Do you need a slot number or connection path on these? Are you sure you need the legacy driver? (If you are on firmware 20.19 or later, you need the v21+ driver.)

Linux generally does not block outgoing TCP connections.

I have another Windows system on the same subnet it connects successfully with the same type of driver (ControlLogix legacy). Network setting and Ignition versions are the same. Only difference from what I can tell is windows vs linux.

Your console shows you testing as root. Is the Ignition service running as root?

Have you tried running tshark to see what traffic, if any, is going out on the network as Ignition tries to connect?

{ I do everything in Linux myself, including run my workstation on it, so Linux itself is definitely not a problem. }

Good ideas, will do. For basic troubleshooting I restarted the server, the OS came back up but Ignition did not. Something is messed up with the install, let me dig into it some more. Thank you.

Upgraded Ignition to the latest version and re-imported a known working gateway backup and now the connection is good. Something was messed up with the previous install I'm assuming.

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