Ignition -> Linux -> Industrial PC

I’m designing an Ignition platform for an OEM equipment supplier.


  1. robust runtime
  2. communicate with between 1 and 5 CLX PLCs
  3. panel mounted industrial PC
  4. panel mount touch screen display

I’m thinking ubuntu server. Looking at Hope Industrial monitors.

Is anyone willing to share positive and / or negative results satisfying these requirements?

Which industrial PCs are known to work well with ubuntu server and Ignition?

I ended up with a nice solution from Industrial PC and Hope Industrial Systems.

I selected the xobe 2120 from Industrial PC. Their pre-sales support was great. They even installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS for me. Note, the Cedarview GPU requires a proprietary Intel driver.

For the monitor I selected Hope Industrial 23" display with touchscreen. Touchscreen worked with standard 12.04 install after adding a calibration routine. See this for details. news.hopeindustrial.com/2012/a-s … ntu-linux/

I used this as a guide for getting Ignition up and running. viewtopic.php?f=64&t=9163

So far, so good.