Ignition Login Issue

Hi all,

I am new to Ignition and am having an issue.
I had an Ignition gateway with a project set up on my laptop which was to talking to an Allen Bradley Plc.
I wanted to backup the gateway and transfer it to a desktop PC that will be going to a site.
I achieved this. Obviously some of the setting erased including the OPC-UA connection which had gone into fault. I could not figure out how to fix its fault state. I tried re-downloading Ignition.
I can now not login to the gateway. An error message is appearing ‘[color=#BFFF40]Insufficient privileges to view this page[/color].’

Now I cant view any tags in the designer at all.

Any help at all is appreciated.
Apologies for being very broad in my description to my problem.

couple of Questions:
1- the PC that you are moving the project to, is it on the same network where the PLC is connected to?
2- how did you backup your gateway? Through designer or through Ignition Gateway Control Utility?

You can try resetting the password, then log back in with admin/password credentials.