Ignition made some weird sqlt_data tables for odd years in the future and past

Why would tables for these years ever be made?


Not sure of other ways it can happen, but I know if you throw historical tags at MQTT Engine using random dates in Sparkplug you can do that. But that would require sending hand-crafted Sparkplug packets, which … is unlikely.

A good starting step is to look in the SQL tables and find out what tags have history in those ultra-futuristic-years.

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Yeah, the answer to ‘why would these tables be created’ is that something tried to store data for the requisite timestamps. (Or you’ve got someone pulling a prank on you via your database). Figuring out what creating that historical data is the next step. The odd gaps make it seem more like something incorrectly sending in data that shouldn’t be a timestamp as a timestamp - which would be possible to do via system.tag.storeTagHistory, for another suggestion beyond @justin.brzozoski’s note about MQTT.