Ignition Maker activation failed

Hi all,

I have a VM running (that is on our corporate network) where I would like to install Ignition Maker to do my training on.

The problem is I can’t seem to activate the license. When I enter the key and token I get an activation failed message. On my local machine that is not in de corporate VPN it works.

Our network team checked the firewall but connections are blocked and no errors occur in the log.

In fiddler I get a 500 from localhost and url /post-step

No actual info.

Anybody an idea what can be wrong? I am almost sure it has to be something with our network but I’m not sure what to ask for.


First thing I would suggest would be to just use the standard edition to do your training–you can run the Designer without limits, and you can also easily reset the two-hour trial for running Vision Clients and Perspective from the gateway webpage.

That said, the Activation process for Maker Edition needs to be able to reach licensing.inductiveautomation.com over https via tcp/443 from the Gateway.

Thanks Kevin for your reply. I’m still in the beginning of the learning process and I wasn’t even aware there was a difference in the versions. My understanding was they were identical (except for personal use only).