Ignition Maker differences / Call Tags

So i am trying to learn from "Inductive University" with many videos and ways to learn. But i realize that most of the videos are actually from versions much older or different than mine, and not only that they are completely different. In a way that they teach me something that i cant do in my project.
So i would like to ask if there is anyone that knows Ignition Maker Editions that can explain me if and how it is possible to call a Tag in a script event in Ignition Maker Edition:

If i have a Tag i can only bind it to a toggle switch or a text box component. Most of my house are buttons On/Off. I would like to call a Tag property, but on Event Configuration i can only call properties of components. I tried to use the Tag Path, but it did not work.

To explain more of what i did, i have a Tag Called "Light", Memory Boolean (Will be an OPC Tag, but right now a memory works the same way and i dont need to use a PLC to test my project)
I created a button, then added a script when a mouse click event happens, then tried a lot of codes in order for it to change to "true" or "1" when the button is clicked. It does not work and even if i use switch to go around this problem sooner or later i will need to know hot to call a Tag to an event.

Thank you,
Pedro Oliveira

Bind the tag to your toggle switch value and make the binding bi-directional. That is all that is needed.

Don't use the onClick event for button scripts, use the onActionPerformed one.

To manipulate tags you have to use system.tag [functions], specifically read and write. (System Functions - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation)

I believe Maker should be compatible with most of version 8.1 videos, but someone from IA should confirm that for you.

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Vision is not included in Maker.

Oof, forgot to mention that :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much!
if you don't mind, do you know if it is possible to add icon to multi state buttons?
I know i can use it in normal buttons, because the is an image and icon property, but multi state doesn't have it and also doesn't allowed me to add that property. Is there a way to do it.
Context: Elevator Multi State Button (Up, Stop, Down), but i would like to replace to Up and Down text with Arrows instead.

The only way to do it right now, would be put the button in its own xy container and place an icon component on top of the multi-state buttons and just blank the text prop out.

[Feature-14906]Images on multi-state button in perspective - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

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I see, thank you very much, once again.

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How about unicode arrows ?