Ignition maker edition for retrofit pilot project as student

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the ignition maker edition. Let me briefly outline what my goal is.
Now I am doing internship in a company where I have to apply EaaS (energy as a service) in the company for the customers. For SCADA I have taken ignition edition maker, to test if this software package of ignition is suitable for our system (we call it an pilot project). If everything goes well we can then possibly purchase the full package.
My question now is, is this allowed?

Thanks in advanced!

Since its for an internship, that makes me think that'll fall under commercial licensing which would not be allowed.

That being said, You can use the full version of ignition and reset the trial while you need to run and debug and still prove out the full system before purchasing a license.


Not allowed. Maker is strictly and solely for personal use. Not commercial (prototyping for commercial purposes is still a commercial use), not educational, not non-profits. Nothing else.

Use the two-hour trial mode, resetting as needed, for initial development. If you get it working, and your management wants a longer trial before purchasing a license, and they are serious about it, IA may issue a license with a near-future cut-off date. Talk to an IA sales person when you get that far.


Educational is allowed based on IAs webpages.

But the webpage does say "Ignition Maker Edition is not intended for industrial or professional use, or for any other monetary purpose, including using it in sales demos of Ignition." which this particular case sounds like it would violate.

I wonder when that changed. There's been discussions on the topic here where IA staff were pretty clear about excluding educational uses.

My take...

He's developing this for a pilot project for some company; whether he's an intern, paid or not, through a school program or not, is not relevant.


Can I use Ignition Maker Edition at my business or non-profit organization?

No. Maker Edition may only be used by individuals for personal use. Businesses, non-profit organizations, and other entities cannot use Maker Edition for commercial, revenue-generating, or non-profit activities.

Is Ignition Maker Edition appropriate for customer or public demos?

Since Ignition Maker Edition is only available for use in non-commercial settings, it cannot be used for business case demos. Not only does Maker Edition not showcase the full Ignition toolset, but it does not replicate the launch experience of Ignition. If you have questions about setting up a public or customer demo, please reach out to your sales representative.

From the maker edition landing page: Ignition Maker Edition | Inductive Automation

My understanding is:
If you're an individual student, you can use Maker all you want.
If you're an educator, it's inappropriate to tell your class to use Maker; we want you to contact us so we can provision you a set of licenses for a more 'real' training environment.