Ignition maker gateway - move

I installed the maker edition on my PC to develope my home application. Now I wan't to run it (the gateway) on a raspberry pi to avoid my PC being ON all the time. I have installed it acording to instructions, but how do I get my existing project and settings from my PC to the raspberry?
I created a new license for the raspi but then all started from 0. It would be neat if I could transfer the gateway settings and project since I'm very new to ignition and don't really know all I did to get it going

You can, just make a gateway backup on the PC gateway and then restore it on the RPi gateway.


just make a backup from your pc and restore it on your raspberry.

Can I still develop on my PC somehow. And that they sync? Or can I develope against the raspi, but on my PC?

If they are on the same network, and your PC has access to gateway on the Pi.

Then you should able to access the designer from PC while letting the gateway run on the Pi. And push out relevant updates as needed.

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Actually, you have to develop remotely. The designer itself cannot run on an RPi. (Until JavaFX is available for ARM in IA's runtime.)