Ignition Maker, lack of drawing tools

Hello, all.
I am using Ignition Maker edition V.8.1.23 (b2022121308)

I used the normal edition some years go. With Maker edition I cannot find and use the Drawing Tools.

Can someone tell me how to activate it?
Here attach a photo, I guess that the Drawing Tools option should be there.

Thank you very much.

Coming soon to Perspective, and better than those in Vision. Not sure the release date though, but it looked pretty good in the ICCX developer panel preso late last year

@nminchin is there a published video for the ICCX panel you are referring to?

Yep, it's awesome :slight_smile: let me find it..


That's because they are currently only present in Vision, not Perspective, and Maker is Perspective-only.

FYI, 26:00 is approximately where they discuss drawing tools.

Thank you everyboy. So I have to wait, meanwhile I will use images.

I only use embedded SVGs. I wouldn't use raster images since they pixellate

@nminchin any suggestions on drawing tools for SVGs that improve the workflow into Ignition? Has anyone used Figma for this purpose? Or just tools like Illustrator/Inkscape?

For icons, I create my icon libraries (a single SVG with stacked SVGs inside of them) using a python script which adds all SVGs within the folder into a single library.

For other SVGs like device symbols, I just drag them into ignition and embed as needed. I don't really see there being a more optimal way, since device templates are created once generally. I don't do anything super fancy like Nader does with embedding massive pipe networks and animating those.

I use Inkscape

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