Ignition maker node red JSON error

When I execute inject command node red I am gettting a JSON error
Here is video explaining it.

I was actually getting a similar or same error but I never raised an issue with it. If I can duplicate it tomorrow in the office I’ll post it

try default as the tag provider

Has anybody figured out how to get igniton to work with node-red yet?

If not does anybody have any suggestions on how to control the Gpio pins on rasberry Pi

You were given an answer on another thread:

If it didn’t work for you, an account of your attempt would be helpful to others. If you didn’t even try, that’s on you.

Has anybody been able to get node-red-contrib-ignition-nodes to work?
People have been getting the Json error (shown in video)when it executes.
I have used the git hub branch for maker but I still can get pass the Json error

When the tag value is ‘hard coded’ into the tag value field it writes to the server fine.
When it is wired up to the msg.payload of the ethernet node it does not pass the value.
Should the ethernet node be put through a change node or a function node?
If so could someone show an example of this?
I see the javascript example in the documentation that came with the flow…

Maybe yes, I should have created a different thread…Sorry guys… This was the closest and most relevant thread I could find.

Thought I would update this in case anyone else looks for this.
I found the answer in the Node Red forum.

The payload needs to go through a change node.
msg.payload needs ‘moved’ to msg.payload.tagValue