Ignition maker node red JSON error

When I execute inject command node red I am gettting a JSON error
Here is video explaining it.

I was actually getting a similar or same error but I never raised an issue with it. If I can duplicate it tomorrow in the office I’ll post it

try default as the tag provider

Has anybody figured out how to get igniton to work with node-red yet?

If not does anybody have any suggestions on how to control the Gpio pins on rasberry Pi

You were given an answer on another thread:

If it didn’t work for you, an account of your attempt would be helpful to others. If you didn’t even try, that’s on you.

Has anybody been able to get node-red-contrib-ignition-nodes to work?
People have been getting the Json error (shown in video)when it executes.
I have used the git hub branch for maker but I still can get pass the Json error