Ignition Maker OPC-UA Micrologix 1100 (ignition 8.0.14)

Hey Guys,

I can’t remember if I maybe missed it during install, but I’m not seeing the OPC drivers for any rockwell except for (logix V21+). Did the driver for micrologix (1100 in my case), end up by the wayside for maker edition or 8.0+? I picked one up for home use considering how dirt cheap they can be had nowadays.

If I did maybe miss this during the installation, is there a way to get it now without doing a re-install?

You can install modules from the gateway, or you can run the installer again and perform an ‘upgrade’. There you can select modules you want to have installed. I did check my Maker install, I do have the Micrologix driver available.

Thanks! Felt like a dumb question to ask, but I really couldnt remember leaving off my module list.