Ignition Makers Ed. Functionality With Arduino

Hello, I can’t seem to find any good information on this topic so I’m asking here. I’m a student working on my junior design project. I would like to create some sort of a plant monitoring system (temp, moisture, PH, and UV sensors). These sensors would ideally feed into an Arduino (or alike) which then I would like to be able to use in Ignition Maker as tags. I’d like to use Ignition to be able to historically track tags, provide a good UI for real-time data through perspective, and for the alarming capabilities.

The issue I’m having is trying to figure out how I can (as inexpensively as possible) take analog sensor data and turn it into tags that Ignition can use. Maybe the best route is to not use an Arduino and if so, what hardware would work better? Either way, I’m at a loss on how to get Ignition to interact with simple sensor data without using an expensive PLC or similar.


Please look at this forum post:

The short answer is use MQTT to send your sensor data. It can be setup on an Arduino and actually works really well.

Thanks Brandon!
Do you know of any guides out there for the setup of something like this? I’m very much an amateur when it comes to this kind of stuff. I found a tutorial with Arduino to thingsboard via MQTT, which is helpful for the setup of the Arduino but doesn’t touch on ignitions MQTT module and the connection of that between the Arduino.

You can start here for the Ignition Gateway Setup:


I didn’t use thingsboard so I can’t speak to that. I opted for plain old PubSubClient. Just Google it. You will find examples posted everywhere.

If you decide to go down that path, then this is the way you setup your custom MQTT topic in Ignition:

Obviously change the Name and Subscription to fit your project.

Good luck!

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