Ignition mariaDB connection

Hello every body!
I’ve Ignition 7.9.13 installed in a Linux server (IP: which I can connect via VPN.

in the same server there’s a mariaDB server and a Database (db name: ‘V2949’). I tried to connect in 2 ways and none is working…

1- using “MySQL ConnectorJ” JDBC Driver

2- using a custom driver

drivers list:

mariadb driver:

the errors are the same:

Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Could not connect to address=(host= : Access denied for user 'Ignition'@'' (using password: YES) Current charset is UTF-8. If password has been set using other charset, consider using option 'passwordCharacterEncoding')

I have tried using Database Workbench to connect to this server and everything is working fine.

can please somebody help me? :slight_smile:

That looks pretty clear. Are you using that same exact user in your workbench?

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yep, that’s why i’m so upset :confused:


Are you running workbench itself right on the gateway? If not, then your workbench user is not @‘’, but the IP address of your workstation. You need to inspect the privilege tables in MariaDB to see what is being applied. MariaDB (and MySQL) treat different source IPs as different users, unless there’s a wildcard in the privilege tables.

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