Ignition Maven Plugin Behavior

I am trying to better understand how the Maven plugin gathers dependencies for inclusion in the output modl file.

For instance, if my driver artifact relies on several runtime dependencies, they are ignored by the plugin. This also applies to transitive dependencies.

Also, if I attempt to only build the build artifact, it fails with a null pointer exception (v1.0.12 - v1.0.14-SNAPSHOT), this means(to me at least) that maven is relying on another artifact to be present in the reactor to do its work which is different than anything I’ve seen.

Is the source available for the plugin? If it is open, I wouldn’t mind contributing, as it just seems to work different than any of the maven plugins that do similar tasks (shade, onejar, assembly).

Maven is open source: you can contribute to the project here.

The various plugins are also open source, and you can get a listing of them, with links to their repos here.

This Stack Overflow question might help with the difference between compile, runtime, and provided.

Sorry… Perhaps I wasn’t clear, I am specifically referring to the ignition-maven-plugin that is used by your sdk.

I’ve been using Maven for a long time, and am familiar with how the different scopes are supposed to work.

The plugin is not open source but I think we may be able to change that… there’s not much going on in the plugin anyway.

Not a huge deal, it would just help someone like me with configuration issues.