Ignition Mobile Error Message

After appox 30 seconds on the mobile version of our project, I get the following error message:

Error launching application:
UnsupportedOperationException: null

I am running the mobile app off a Microsoft Surface with Win10. I have tried using the following browsers: Edge, Chrome, Fire Fox. In the mobile settings I have tried adjusting the client memory(to a max of 2GB), doesn’t seem to affect the problem.

Has anyone had this or a similar problem, and if so, what fix have you found? I will take any ideas.

Thank you

I’d go into the mobile module settings and add:


to the vm options. This will allow the output and err files for each session to stick around in the data/mobile_wdir folder in your installation directory. This should let you find the entire stack trace of that error and we can go from there.

As an aside, though: there is no reason to run the mobile module on a surface!! Just run the normal client and your experience will be much better.

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Thank you for the response! I would be using the classic client version, but I have to use the mobile version for certain security reasons. The classic version does run great!