Ignition Mobile: Mobile client resolution extremely low


I’m trying to develop some screens to suit a mobile version of a SCADA system but am running into a few issues.

The phone I’m testing with is a Samsung Galaxy S6 which has a resolution that competes with most monitors: 1440x2560

  1. I always get scroll bars on my mobile screen, no matter how small I make the resolution of the ignition Window.
  2. The resolution/image quality seems to be incredibly low. When I open a Window made for the PC on the mobile app, the text is completely illegible due to it being pixellated beyond recognition. This certainly isn’t a limitation of the phone’s screen resolution.
  3. How can I change the startup page for a mobile client?
  4. I’ve turned off the ‘Open on Startup’ checkbox on the docked Navigation Window, but it’s still showing up on both PC and mobile clients?? How can I remove this?

Sorry, some of these items are unrelated to the post subject.

Is there a guide to configuring mobile scada pages?

Thanks in advance.


  1. By decreasing the Minimum Size in the Client User Interface project properties to 0, this has removed the scroll bars. But the text that should be legible at the phone’s resolution is still wildly not. Turning on Anti-aliasing makes it legible but very blurry… It seems like the Ignition client is imposing an artificial resolution on the mobile version. Can I change this behaviour?

Was this problem resolved with Java-embedded clients (7.9.10+)? We’re running into poor resolution in our mobile clients also.