Ignition mobile site setup

Greetings and good morning to all, I am currently brainstorming a setup for an active mobile,as in it has wheels, site. This site has a few tag values being written to a local modbus plc. We want to have a local hmi that a user can log into and print reports from. The reason this is throwing me off with ignition is due to the fact that this site will probably be in locations that does not have wireless network coverage. Essentially, it will be a stand alone. What could I use for this to work, as far as modules and licenses?

Any helpful tips would be appreciated.
p.s. I have already ruled out ignition edge with the client due to the fact that they do not want to buy the server license.
-thanks Jonathan

As long as the gateway is licensed once (either through activation against our servers, or offline activation) it will continue to work as long as the hardware itself doesn’t change. We don’t require a consistent ping back to our servers for things to stay activated.