Ignition Mobile

I have installed 7.2 on my Windows XP laptop. When I go to the mobile launch page, the page hangs on the “Loading…” animation. If I check the error console I see this:

Error: console is not defined
Source File: localhost:8088/main/system/mobile/nav.js
Line: 958

The same things happens on IE and Firefox, and I’ve tried the gateway on two different laptops.

Any ideas?



The above problem is Identical to what I’m experiencing too…
I’m using 7.2.1 (b6516) & still the same as 7.2.0

Any Luck on this one yet??? I am having the same problem.

I’m pretty sure that this is limited only to Firefox.

Since our primary mobile targets are iOS and Android devices, we did our testing in Chrome (iOS, Android, and the Chrome browser are all based on Webkit)

Anyhow, I’ll get this fixed, it is a minor issue. Until then if testing on a non-mobile device use Chrome or Safari.

We also get the same problem when connecting from a Microsoft Pocket PC 4, and Windows Mobile 5 Devices… Both exhibit the same problem.
(both also use Internet Explorer as the browser)

Neither of those devices are supported.

You need a device with a browser that supports javascript and the Canvas element in order for the mobile module to work.

Ok Carl, so all our Symbol RF guns are excluded. :frowning: (we have about 50 in total)
BTW I downloaded & tried the 7.2.2 beta2 build to see if that works on IE for PC… it gets further but comes up with an invalid pointer when you try to launch any project with an auto login using the “mobile” interface, and just “hangs” on ones that need to have you login. (It still works with “Chrome”, so we’re not stumped there for testing purposes.)

Also there’s a small niggly problem but with the latest version if you “stop” the gateway service using the gateway control utility, then exit the utility, you cannot launch the utility again until you have restarted the Gateway service using the MMC.

Yeah sorry about the scanners - they just don’t have what it takes.

thanks for letting us know about the GCU.