Ignition Modbus TCP Driver or Kepserver

Hi, i’m working on a project where I have to read some data from a power meter using Modbus TCP, write the data to MySQL database and generate periodic reports. The plant already has its control system with Ignition 7.2.11 and Kepserver for OPC communication. My question is what would be more recommended, if using Modbus TCP driver from Kerserver or from Ignition. For the start it is going to be just 1 meter but if everything goes well more meters will be integrated to the system. Thanks.

There are a few things to consider. First, does the customer already have kepware modbus driver? If not it there will be more cost associated with that option. Second, is the kepware there because of a dedign consideration. For example does the facility run everything through Kepware. Finally, you will see some differences in the data between the servers therefore best if you run each in trial mode.