Ignition modules Activation issue


We Activated the Ignition 8.0 license in the Ignition 7.9 and as result only four modules (Ignition Platform, Alarm Notification, SMS Notification, Tag Historian) got Activated and the rest of the other modules (opccom, opcua, siemens, modbus, prespective, Report, sqlbridge, vision etc ) bought are not activated and still modules remains to be in trial. but under the license Activation Window it gives the alert that the other modules are not installed.please help as solve this issue and activate the other modules too.

This is definitely something you need to talk to support about. This forum is not official support.


@pturmel has an excellent point, but this is probably an issue that we resolved in 8.0.1 - did you install the latest version, or 8.0.0?

Thanks pturmel

Thanks PGriffith