Ignition MQTT Questions

i want to be able to have our Client Display MQTT data on there Ignition Clients.we have a MQTT broker running now “mosquito Broker” with MQTT data coming from our PLC
what is the minimal we need to be able to Effectively use ignition to be able to do this

You need the Cirrus Link MQTT module for Ignition to browse the MQTT broker for your topics.

… and more specifically, take a look at the MQTT Engine module. If the data you’re publishing to your broker is raw and/or JSON at the moment, you will probably be looking at Custom Namespaces functionality, initially. You’ll want to naturally start looking at the Sparkplug spec as you go further down your MQTT journey. :slight_smile:

we are Using mosquito as the Broker, so i just need Ignition with Possibly the Web-service Module
and for sure the MQTT Engine.

If your PLC exports Sparkplug B payloads over MQTT, or proxies through a Sparkplug gateway, the problem is trivial as detailed above.