Ignition MQTT Sync Issue

we are seeing an issue with the MQTT data sync. Here are the details.
(Set Up Store-and-Forward System | Inductive Automation)
Followed the configuration from this video.

Instantaneous data looks to be good but historical has in issue
Data on Transmission End:
Data on Receiving End:

what could cause this data difference at subscriber and publisher ends.
Min/Max aggregation mode is selected. We tried changing this mode to SimpleAverage; the results were slightly better but not identical.
The system clocks are synchronized.
Please suggest if there is any configuration to fix this.

Have you tried posting on Cirrus Link's own forum?

The sample frequency is multiple data points per second, so I'm going to go out on limb here and suggest that this discongruity is related to transmission time.

Consider this representation of the data:

The data actually lines up pretty well, but it is 3 to 5 seconds out of sync.

Might look at other topics on here as well: MQTT Store & Forward